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Installing Hoefler Text in LaTeX

Posted by md on November 23, 2008

The Hoefler Text Ampersand

Not that straightforward, actually. Apple includes the Hoefler Text font in Mac OS X – its a really nice and readable professional font. Here’s what I did:

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Posted by md on March 04, 2007


Arrived in Berkeley yesterday evening, living in a lovely garden cottage. It doesn’t really seem to matter whether you return your green ticket when you leave the US – I forgot last time, and the immigration officer didn’t even ask about it.

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Marketers are Liars @ Google

Posted by md on May 01, 2006

Google is a definite success in terms of functionality and marketing. In the Google TechTalk series, Seth Godin presents some key factors of Google’s success – and why other companies didn’t succeed.

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