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Leopard+Terminal+Spaces workaround 1

Posted by md on November 26, 2007


Overall, I like the new Apple MacOS 10.5 aka Leopard. I used various virtual desktop solutions with older versions, but the new Spaces provides everything I need – almost. On a typical workday, I have various terminal windows opened – but not on one workspace! Spaces changes the screen to one that has a terminal currently running, which is a stupid behavior. There is also no way to change this. But a workaround…

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Using mySmartUSB programmer on Mac OS X 1

Posted by md on February 04, 2007

mySmartUSB in Action

During the upgrade of my Arduino, I used the mySmartUSB programmer – initially on my Windows box, but since it’s USB and it mimics the AVR910 protocol, you can use it with avrdude on your Mac. Here’s how.

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Webmontag Live Video 5

Posted by md on November 20, 2006


Den Livestream gibt gab es hier:

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