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FreeRTOS for ATMega644 1

Posted by md on August 10, 2008

six-legged chip bug

FreeRTOS is an open-source realtime operating system for microcontrollers. The ATMega644 of ATMEL provides 64KB of flash program memory in a DIY-friendly 40-pin PDIP package. Read on for how to combine both to my new software development platform.
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Tweaking the code 12

Posted by md on April 18, 2007


Thanks to Lasse Lambrecht, I can release a new version of the DCF77 code – now you can run it on the ATMega168-based Arduinos.

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Arduino on Steroids

Posted by md on January 23, 2007


I just upgraded by little Arduino to the ATMega168 – and basically doubled the memory. But, be warned: This is not a hassle-free procedure if you have not some experience with microcontrollers.

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