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Power Metering with Flukso 3

Posted by md on November 10, 2009


All the electric power generated from renewable energy is good – no additional CO2 is produced. Saving energy in general is also a good idea – what you don’t consume, you don’t need to produce. But energy savings require you to understand your own energy consumption – you can’t improve what you can’t measure. A simple energy cost monitor is available for 10 Euro, but it requires you to plug it into different appliances in order to figure out what a specific device consumes. And only the more expensive ones log the power consumption over time, which is pretty interesting.

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When it’s cloudy…

Posted by md on February 18, 2008


After investigating Amazon’s EC2 service, we decided to roll out PHASTGrid, our service-oriented middleware, on the cloud. And, of course, just as we went for a customer demo, Amazon had some infrastructure problems and nothing worked.

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Amazon EC2 linkdump

Posted by md on February 12, 2008


Just some notes and links to remember when deploying applications on EC2:
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