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A practical Introduction to UNICORE 1

Posted by md on March 25, 2006

A practical Introduction to UNICORE

While UNICORE is an easy-to-use grid middleware, I found that it lacks an introduction that helps newbies to get started. So Dirk Petry and I wrote a little introduction.

UNICORE provides “UNIform access to COmpute REsources”. Users can utilize a java client to access supercomputing resources, e.g. the JUMP system at the research center Jülich in Germany.

The document starts with an architectural overview of UNICORE and explains the relation of the services as well as they interact with each other. The second part walks you through a basic installation of a UNICORE site. We link to the existing UNICORE documentation whenever possible.

This document is not an in-depth guide to UNICORE, but complements the existing UNICORE documentation. We hope it is useful for system administrators and researchers starting to work with UNICORE. We appreciate any comments.

Download PDF: A practical Introduction to Unicore

If you want to cite, please use the following form:
Mathias Dalheimer and Dirk Petry: A practical Introduction to UNICORE. Technical Report, Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2006.

Please note that some UNICORE experts are checking the document for mistakes. We will update the document if needed.


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